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White Evangelicals Aren’t As Worried About COVID-19 As Other Faith Groups: Study

White evangelicals’ attitudes toward the coronavirus pandemic are considerably more relaxed than those of other religious groups, a new study said. White evangelical Protestants were generally less worried about contracting COVID-19, more ready for life to return to normal and much more likely to say that President Donald Trump was handling the pandemic well, compared […]


(27F) My period is 10 days late, I’m on day 43 of my cycle and I’m worried. No chance of pregnancy so why could I be this late? Every month for a year now I’m late by a few days to a week. Help?

I have stopped taking the Pill for 4 years now and my periods were regular, my average cycle was 35 days. I have a history of ovarian cysts and mild endometriosis which was treated by a key hole surgery. Should I call my doctor? I don’t want to seem like I’m being dramatic at a […]

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Uninsured And Worried About COVID-19? You May Be Able To Get Covered.

As the novel coronavirus continues its spread across the United States, Americans are understandably worried about the high costs of treatment. Most vulnerable are those without health insurance, and some states are stepping up to offer assistance.  The open enrollment period for health insurance on state and federally run exchanges, which are for people obtaining […]


How Worried Do You Need to Be About Asbestos in Baby Powder and Other Talc Products?

Baby powder. Who would think such a seemingly innocuous product would be the cause of such a large amount of controversy? But several high-profile court cases and multimillion-dollar verdicts later, it seems that the question of whether or not using talc-containing baby powder increases the risk for cancer is becoming only more pressing—and the potential […]

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A Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Turkey Made 164 People Sick. How Worried Should You Be About Thanksgiving?

Here’s something you definitely don’t want on your Thanksgiving menu. Just before Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting that there have been additional Salmonella infections in an ongoing outbreak linked to raw turkey, and certain ground turkey products have been recalled. The outbreak dates back to November 2017, according to […]