For Third Straight Year, Police Suicides Outnumber Line-Of-Duty Deaths

The estimated number of law enforcement officers who died by suicide outnumbered those who died in the line of duty for the third straight year in 2018, a newly released study shows. Blue H.E.L.P., a Massachusetts-based nonprofit run by active and retired police officers, medical professionals and victims’ families, compiled and released the grim data this week. […]

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The Best Health Resolutions for Every Month of the Year

Everyday Wellness Lindsay TigarDec 22 Seeking more energy, better commitment to fitness and smarter eating habits for your next lap around the sun? Here are mini resolutions that are way more impactful than say, vowing to drop 20 pounds before spring. Why thinking small works selinofoto/Shutterstock Instead of declaring a sweeping resolution that—let’s be honest, […]