Tested positive for chlamydia.

19y f. So this morning I got a call from my doctor telling me I tested positive for chlamydia. I’m extremely emotional and sad right now. I can’t stop crying. I feel disgusted and literally never want to have sex again. I’m also so worried about infertility and pid. The last time I got tested was October 2019. This is my first sti and I was asymptomatic, so I don’t know how long I’ve had this, it’s very possible I could’ve had it for about two years, and It’s killing me inside. I know it’s extremely common but I’m still super sad. Part of me is upset at myself because I know that it’s my fault for not getting tested sooner but there was so much going on these pass two years that it was hard to take care of my health like I should’ve. I have no one to talk to about this, so I thought I’d came here for advice and maybe get some perspectives from women who have also had an sti

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