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The 15 Least Popular Fast Food Restaurants in America

A recent survey evaluated the value of convenience and loyalty at American fast food restaurants, and it turns out people aren’t all that loyal to some of the country’s biggest chains. Is your favorite fast food place one of the least popular?

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Nation’s Restaurant News worked with Datassential, a consumer research brand, to discover the least popular fast food restaurants in America. The survey asked participants if their last visit to one of these fast food joints was motivated by convenience or because they really loved the brand. The lower the percentage, the less likely customers were motivated to eat there because of brand loyalty and how much they enjoy the food. Some restaurants are tied and have the same percentage in the ranking. Is your favorite on the list?

15. A&W

A&W RestaurantKen Wolter/Shutterstock

Starting at the top of the 15 least popular fast food restaurants in America is a brand that might actually have more popularity with its root beer floats than its actual food items. Only 35 percent of customers ate at A&W last because they felt loyal to the brand. 

14. Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne's at the Mall Ngamwongwan on May 13, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.Tooykrub/Shutterstock

These restaurants often found in mall food courts aren’t that loved by America’s shoppers. Getting a whiff of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel makes your mouth drool as you browse the racks, but just 35 percent of people would grab a bite to eat there because they’re real fans of the chain. Check out these healthy options at some of the most popular fast food restaurants.

13. Quiznos Subs

Quiznos Sub fast food restaurant in London. Quiznos is a sandwich shop franchise with 1,500 U.S. shops and 600 international locations.Tupungato/Shutterstock

Making your own sandwich seems to be the perfect grab-and-go lunch. Turns out Quiznos’ subs aren’t a fan favorite in the fast food world; it also has a brand loyalty score of 35 percent. 

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