The 30-Day Detox Cleanse Zoë Kravitz Does Every Year

In a recent video with Vogue, 32-year-old Zoë Kravitz talks through her summertime skin-care routine, her go-to makeup products and her wellness tips. While we took note of everything the star puts on her face, what really intrigued us was her health and wellness advice.

“I really think that beauty starts from within,” she says in the clip while cleansing her face with Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Lactic Cleanse. “It’s from your health, your gut, your beauty routine, your skin routine and staying hydrated—then, you don’t have to use makeup to cover yourself up, you use it to highlight.”

Kravtiz continues by explaining that wellness starts with diet, exercise and hydration. “I try and drink a lot of water,” she says, “and I think it’s all about balance. I think it’s about joy, happiness and laughter because those really effect the way you look and feel. I also love to steam—I love to sweat things out and I think it’s good to keep the body moving.”

While eating clean and staying hydrated are part of her everyday routine, Kravitz also mentions a wellness practice that she partakes in yearly. “Every year, my mom and I try and do the Dr. Schultz 30-Day Detox together. It’s a 30-day cleanse that focuses on all your different organs, so your bowel, your liver, your kidneys, your gallbladder and the bowel again. It’s just a nice thing to reset your body every year. If you don’t do that cleanse, take a week to eat raw and natural foods as a way to let your body relax because it’s constantly working to process everything that we’re putting in it. It’s like giving your gut a vacation.”

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