The 40 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Hair can make you look younger—or older. Choose one of these 40 hairstylist-approved looks to turn back the clock.

Long and soft

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The problem with long hair is that it’s not always easy to keep it out of your face—and long and flat isn’t usually flattering. “Debra Messing’s look works with the length because it keeps it off her face and has some wave to soften it,” says Nunzio Saviano, owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon. Here’s how to keep your hair healthy all year long.

Short with a twist

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“This is a great length because it gives you so many options and is fun to play with since the focus is the length itself,” says Saviano of Julie Bowen’s locks.”You can add waves, blow it out straight, sweep bangs across your face, wear it slicked back, tousled, etc. and because of the shorter length, it won’t drag the face down.” Here’s how to find the most flattering blonde for your skin tone.

Short textured bob

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Oribe educator Mandee Hernandez loves this style because it’s an easy wash-and-wear one that adds fun textured layers and a lightness. “The structure of this haircut does all the work with minimal styling needed. I would recommend using a finishing cream, like Oribe AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream, to enhance the layers and bring out the hair texture with a satin finish.” Find out what really happens when you cut your hair short.

Classic bob


“This is a classic haircut with clean, timeless lines that can be worn at any age and enhances your facial features,” says Hernandez.

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