The 7 Best Standing & Sit-Stand Desks in 2020 That Are Perfect for WFH

Now that many of us have transitioned to a work-from-home situation for the time-being, you may be noticing some kinks in your new work setup. Maybe your very shallow couch isn’t terribly supportive for your back, or your kitchen table isn’t the best height for sitting for hours at a time. Plus, prolonged amounts of time on your glutes cause your hip flexors to tighten, which can cause recurring back pain. And with inactivity being a greater risk in these socially-distanced times, it’s not a horrible idea to think about ways to make your work environment more active.

One solution that can keep your blood flowing and help you avoid tech-neck is a standing desk or standing desk converter (which transitions between sitting and standing modes). Not only do they elevate your screen so that you’re not hunched over your keyboard, they also allow you to get off your butt.

Depending on your budget and the space you’re working with, you have options, from little compact sit-to-stand risers that can fold up after use to weighty workstations that require some screws to install. Amazon might be your best bet for pricing and shipping these days, so we did some hunting to find bestselling models that can help you improve your home office setup. As an added bonus, most of these are available for $ 50 and under.

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