The 9 Best Running Watches in 2020: GPS Watches and Fitness Trackers

The Garmin Fenix 6X may be pricey, but it’s the ultimate timepiece for extreme outdoor types, adventure seekers, and data nerds. “Everyone knows the Fenix is a lot of watch—not necessarily weightwise, but in the sheer number of features packed into the product,” says Knox Robinson, captain of Black Roses NYC and founding coach of Nike Run Club. “Between the maps, messaging, and music functions, it’s an ideal tool for urban running and living, with features like the pulse oximeter that tracks the O2 levels in your blood—on the off chance you’re kicking off your 2020 running goals at a high altitude.”

Brooke Danielson, an eight-time marathon runner, says it perfectly suits her active lifestyle, from timing laps to mapping ski runs. One of the most unusual features is the battery itself, though. “When exposed to sunlight the watch powers up, as it has a solar-charged battery,” says Danielson. “This feature eases any anxiety I have about my watch dying while out on any given adventure.”

Editor’s Note: Though this titanium finish is slightly pricier at $ 1,150, the regular bands retail for $ 1,000. 

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