The Best Advice I Ever Got from My Mother-In-Law

Churn, baby, churn

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“‘You can never use enough butter. Butter makes everything taste so much better. Add some more butter.’ Butter was her thing. I was always thinking, ‘ew,’ but as it turns out, everything is better with butter!” — Marcia Friedman

Permission to play favorites

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“As the mother of five children, with a 12-year age difference from the oldest to the youngest and two with special needs, I always felt guilty about having ‘favorites.’ I always tried to give them all equal time, experiences, and gifts. My mother-in-law pulled me to the side one day and said, ‘You are doing a great job, and it’s OK to love your children differently.’

When I asked what she meant she said, ‘Well, I’m the mom of three and they always accuse me of having one my favorite.’ She said, ‘That’s not true. I love them all the same, but one is different. He is more like his father, so I admire all his traits.’ She said, ‘Another is more like me, so we have conflict. I don’t love one more than either of the others; I just love them different.’ Ever since then I quit trying to make all my kids fit in the same box.”— Donna Richards. On the other hand, these are the worst parenting tips you will ever hear.

The simple things

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“After a particularly explosive conversation where I used the term ‘your son’ with great frequency, my mother-in-law advised me to forgive faster, love harder, and laugh a little more. I reflect back on that moment often and remember her sweet phrase.” — Kristen Skiles. Here, 22 successful people confess the best advice they’ve always relied on.

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