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The Best Deli in Every State

We found the best deli in every state, based on reviews and hat tips from Taste of Home‘s Field Editors. Here’s where to go for deli meats, cheeses, and of course, sandwiches!

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Mr. P’s Deli, Birmingham

Customers love the food at Mr. P’s Butcher Shop & Deli, from the fresh deli meats to the handmade sandwiches. One of the most popular sandwiches there is the muffuletta, available in 1/2 pound or 1/3 pound size and loaded with ham, salami, homemade olive salad, and extra provolone cheese. They’ve definitely mastered the secret technique to making the best sandwiches ever over at Mr. P’s.

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Eastern European Store & Deli, Anchorage

Eastern European Store & Deli specializes in delicacies from countries like Russia, Poland, and Germany. They have an extensive selection of European deli meats, cheeses, and fish. The lunch menu includes sandwiches, borscht, and many varieties of meat-filled buns known as piroshki. Alaska was on our bucket list already because of their amazing entry for the greatest adventures in every state, but now that we’ve seen Alaska’s best deli it’s at the top of the list.