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The Best Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets, Ranked

Chicken nuggets are a menu staple at fast-food restaurants. We sampled eight options to find out who makes the best nuggets money can buy.

Chicken Tenders Labelled UdKristina Vänni For Taste of Home

Chicken nuggets, anyone?

An order of chicken nuggets certainly brings back the nostalgia of childhood. Yet that crispy outside and tender, juicy inside still makes them a fast-food favorite for adults.

Like fast-food French fries, good chicken nuggets are hard to resist. We tried eight of the most popular fast-food nugs and analyzed each order based on the tastiness of the chicken as well as the signature crisp outer coating. To really judge the value of the meal, we also took into account the price and serving size of the nuggets.

Let’s see how your favorite fast-food chicken nuggets measure up!

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Chicken Nuggets Mcdonalds

Kristina Vänni For Taste of Home

8. McDonald’s

An order of the classic McDonald’s chicken nuggets is small, but that makes it perfect for little hands. Of course, adults still enjoy the fun shapes too. However, these chicken nuggets didn’t rank high because they tasted the most processed out of the ones tested. Also, with a four-piece serving coming in at $2.19, a rival fast-food joint offered more value.

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