The Best Skiing and Snowboarding Gear of 2018

There are those who love the great outdoors and those who hate it, but I’d wager to guess that a good chunk of the latter group just haven’t found the right gear yet. That's especially true when it comes to mountain sports. A good base layer or weatherproof outerwear while skiing or snowboarding can protect you from the elements so you can enjoy whatever you’re doing: features like high-performing fabrics keep you warm but not sweaty, zippers and buttons quickly secure you against the cold, and strategic pockets store everything you need in a convenient place.

To find out which gear is actually worth your money, we recruited a handful of our biggest outdoors enthusiasts on staff to put the latest crop of skiing and snowboarding gear to the test. The result: these 11 SELF Fitness Awards 2018 winners, all released in October 2017 or later, that would convert even the staunchest hygge enthusiast to snow sport aficionado. From ski pants to goggles to boots, read on to see why we loved each one so much, and why we think you will too.

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