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The Best Vegan Snack Bars

Whether you’re dipping a toe into veganism for a month or are a fully paid-up member of the plant-based club, you – like everyone else – need to snack from time to time. And if you are new to veganism you may realise many of your go-to snack options (cheese, milk chocolate, more cheese) are forbidden and find yourself hungry all too often. So it’s a savvy move to ensure you have a ready supply of tasty and satisfying vegan snack bars to hand.

As with all snacks, keeping an eye on the nutritional information of your vegan bar is a must. Look out for added sugar in particular, and then check out the amount of carbs, protein, fibre and fat. If you’re looking for an energy hit before, during or after exercise then you’ll want a good amount of carbs and the bar can be high in sugar and calories, but if you’re just looking to satisfy hunger pangs until your next meal, then the ideal bar will be low in calories but high in protein and fibre to fill you up.

The Best Vegan Snack Bars

OnePro Protein Bar

These plant-based protein bars come in two flavours – raspberry and chocolate, and peanut butter and cacao – and both are absolute winners. The texture is smooth, the bar itself is not stodgy at all, and the nutritional stats make for pleasing reading: there’s 17g of protein and a massive 15g of fibre in each bar (so there’s no doubt you’ll make it to your next meal without getting hungry again) and the calorie count is fairly low at 223.

Buy from OnePro | £29.99 for 12 57g bars

Veloforte Plant Power Pack

With their stylish packaging and fancy foreign names, Veloforte’s energy bars are the classy option on this list – didn’t think you’d get a classy snack bar option, did you? The bars are also delicious, with a chewy, fruity, nutty texture, and the zingy citrus and ginger flavour of the Zenzero bar is especially good. The bars are designed for before and during exercise, which means they’re very high in sugar at around 30g per bar, so be wary of using them as an office snack.

Buy on Amazon | £21.49 for 9 62g bars

Trek Protein Nut Bar

This is nuts. And we mean nuts. All of the nuts have been crammed into this bar, which is why it contains a solid 10.3g of protein as well as14.9g of fat, most of which is unsaturated. The sugar content is pretty low at 4.7g, which is less than the 4.9g of fibre you get, and there are four flavours, of which the dark chocolate and sea salt is the best.

Buy on Amazon | £14.95 for 16 40g bars (currently reduced to £13.33)

Real Handful

Despite being labelled as a protein bar, the protein count is actually pretty low at 6.4g per 40g bar, and the sugar and fat content is reasonably high owing to the predominantly nuts, seeds and fruit ingredient list. However, each bar comes in at under 200 calories and, crucially, they are absolutely delightful in both taste and texture, whether you opt for the choc orange or sea salt caramellow flavour.

Buy on Amazon | £19.99 for 20 40g bars

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