The Biggest Lipstick Trend of 2019 Isn’t an Actual Shade

If 2018 taught us anything, it's that what was once considered lame (or, rather, dated) is now cool again. Slime green clothing, fanny packs, and biker shorts were some of last year's biggest fashion trends, and in the beauty world, everyone cut their hair off into bobs and wore '90s hair accessories like butterfly clips.

Expect to feel the '90s and early '00s nostalgia to continue into 2019 because shiny lips are making a comeback, too. Even though matte lipstick has always been appealing to anyone who grew up on sticky gloss in the early aughts, it's not the only finish to wear on your lips. In fact, shiny-finished lipstick is already considered one of the biggest beauty trends of awards season.

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How much gloss are we talking about? The shine level is entirely up to you. Case in point: Amy Adams's slightly sheeny pink lipstick from the Critics' Choice Awards has a more subtle, satin finish, while it doesn't get more reflective than Mandy Moore's shimmery coral lipstick. And no, these shiny lip products are nothing like the globby messes that came in tubes.

“For a long time, the trend has been the matte liquid lip, so it's natural that we are seeing a shift towards more glossy textures,” Kelli J. Bartlett, the artistic director of Glamsquad, says. “Just as women are craving heathy, hydrated skin, the lips are the thinnest skin of the body, so it's natural that your lips follow suit. Plus, formulas are really evolving. Gone are the sticky glosses of the '90s and glosses nowadays are hydrating and cushiony.”

Along with Adams, many celebs are choosing muted pink lip shades for the red carpet. The key to this look is wearing a shade that enhances your natural lips, instead of washing them out. Bartlett recommends choosing a shade that or two lighter, using your natural lip color as a guide.

For a full-on glossy bold lip, Bartlett says to “create a picket fence for your glossy lip” so that it doesn't bleed. “Start with a primer and move your lips together and wait a minute for it to get tacky,” she says. “Follow with a lip pencil and then finish with a shiny lipstick or gloss applied on the center of the lip, just inside the lip liner.”

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