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The Craziest Ice Cream Flavors You Can Buy Right Now

Traditional vanilla is always a hit, but this year’s craziest new ice cream flavors include bold bursts of popcorn, loquats, cheesecake, and even surprisingly-delicious zucchini.

Moo-ve over, normal flavors

LongHorns-Steak-and-Bourbon-Ice-Creamcourtesy LongHorn Steakhouse

Maybe alcohol-infused ice cream isn’t the most groundbreaking concept out there, but when LongHorn Steakhouse decided to spice up otherwise-normal ice cream with their signature steak Char seasoning, bits of real steak, and swirls of caramel, the entire ice cream game changed forever. Does this mean ice cream finally counts as a whole protein-rich meal?

Stranger flavors abound at Baskin Robbins

Stranger flavors abound at Baskin Robbinscourtesy Baskin-Robbins

Good, because Baskin Robbins wants everyone to taste their Stranger Things concoctions this summer. The partnership-focused flavors are available in sundae-form through July, where you can actually order Demogorgon-themed waffle cones filled with Netflix monster-appropriate flavors.

Breakfast, but make it dessert-worthy


One of the biggest trends in ice cream right now is the crossover of real meals in dessert-worthy pints. Expect to see waffles, pancakes, cereal, and other traditional most-important-meal-of-the-day flavors making their way into scoopable pints, like this Humphrey Slocombe Complete Breakfast 4-Pack. It comes with two pints each of Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee and Secret Breakfast, a delicious blend of cornflake cookies and bourbon, so it’s all but a guaranteed good time. Check out these fascinating ice cream traditions from around the world, too.

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