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The Hydrow Is The Peloton Of Rowing Machines

Rowing is one of the most effective all-round workouts you can do. It’s great for increasing your cardiovascular fitness, whether you opt for steady sessions or HIIT workouts – but unlike other cardio exercises like running or cycling, with their focus on the legs, rowing also engages muscles all over your body.

That means a rower is a great option for your home gym, and as luck would have it, an intriguing new machine has just launched in the UK. The Hydrow is designed to be the Peloton of rowing machines, with a console that holds a built-in 56cm (22in) screen on which you can follow guided workouts.

The Hydrow app contains a library of on-demand sessions, and you can also schedule live workouts if you’re after a more communal feel. The classes are led by top athletes including Olympians and streamed from waterways around the world, which is certainly a different experience from watching an instructor on a machine in a studio. The app also contains other classes including yoga and Pilates for when you want a break from the machine.

When you don’t fancy a class, the Hydrorow app also allows you to row along scenic waterways at your own pace, which makes for an immersive easy session. The machine itself is designed to simulate the feel of being on the water, with a drag mechanism that has computer-controlled resistance.

The catch is – as it always somehow is – the price. The Hydrow machine costs £2,295 and the app subscription costs £38 a month. As a further kicker, while the Hydrow can be folded and stored upright to save space, in order to do that you need to buy the upright storage kit, which is another £69.99.

Still, the high price and subscription of Peloton hasn’t stopped many people buying and enjoying the bike, and if you’ve been hankering for a similarly impressive experience on a rowing machine Hydrow could well be it. We’ll be testing and reviewing the machine soon, but if you’re already convinced you can buy yours on the Hydrow website now.

Buy from Hydrow | £2,295

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