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The Inspire HR Is Fitbit’s Best Value Fitness Tracker

Fitbit has replaced the Alta and Alta HR trackers in its line-up by launching the Inspire and Inspire HR bands, and on paper they look like surefire winners.

That starts with the price. The Inspire will cost £69.99 and the Inspire HR – which, as you’ve probably guessed, has a heart rate monitor – is £89.99. The Alta trackers had an RRP of over £100 (although could be found for considerably less recently) and the Fitbit Charge 3 band is £129.99, so the Inspire bands are considerably cheaper.

In the case of the Inspire HR in particular, that low price doesn’t come at the expense of features. It has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, top-notch activity and sleep tracking, and 15 sports modes. Even better, it can also link to your phone to use its GPS for more accurate distance and pace tracking during outdoor activities, just like the Charge 3.

The heart rate tracking of the Inspire HR is certainly worth the upgrade over the basic Inspire. It means more in-depth sports and sleep tracking, and is also used to provide your resting heart rate and cardio fitness score, which is equivalent to a VO2 max estimate.

Both Inspire trackers are also swim-proof but will only track your time in the water, rather than giving any in-depth detail on your swim, which the Charge 3 can do. The Charge 3 does also have Fitbit Pay and seven days of battery life compared with the Inspire’s five days.

One of the Alta’s main strengths was its slim design, which made it possible to wear it alongside a watch. The Inspire HR is almost as slim as the Alta HR (16mm vs 15mm), though we’re not sure it’s as good-looking as its predecessor with a blockier look that’s closer to the Charge 3. The range of straps you can pair with it is sizeable, however, and you can also pop out the tracker to wear as a clip if you prefer.

There are a couple of more feature-filled fitness trackers available at a similar price to the Inspire, with the Huawei Band 2 Pro and Band 3 Pro, which both have built-in GPS, available for under £70. However, Fitbit’s sleep and activity tracking are hard to beat, and its app is one of the smartest and easiest to use. That app is also set to be updated shortly with Fitbit Focus, a new addition to the home screen that provides quick insights into your health and fitness, and suggestions on how to improve it.

You can pre-order the Inspire and Inspire HR trackers on the Fitbit website now, with the device set to ship within a week.

Pre-order Inspire or Inspire HR from Fitbit | £69.99-£89.99

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