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The Only Types of Cookware You Should Use


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Copper cookware not only conducts heat well, but it’s also attractive, durable, and free of harmful chemicals. Just steer clear if you have Wilson’s disease, a rare inherited disorder. “People who have Wilson’s disease should avoid copper, a disease in which people cannot metabolize dietary copper, and consequently, it can accumulate in organs,” says Rosemary Trout, department head of Drexel University’s Culinary Arts & Food Science programs. That said, copper isn’t always the best option.


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As long as your ceramic cookware isn’t overly glazed or decorated (some health concerns about ceramic stem from components used in those processes), it’s a “generally safe” option, according to



Glass containers are excellent to use when baking, as long as one uses a heat-tolerant glass such as Pyrex,” says Dr. Brown. Just be sure not to heat food in glass on the stovetop—it could crack and even shatter. Be sure you’re not guilty of these ways you’re using your kitchen appliances wrong, either.

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