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The Top Grocery Stores in America, Ranked by Best Value

Food shopping is as inevitable as death and taxes—except we do it far more frequently. To make it as pleasant as possible, we rank the top 14 grocery stores in America based on overall best value.

What we mean by “best value”

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - SEPTEMBER 19, 2015: interior of Migros supermarket. Migros is Switzerland's largest retail company, its largest supermarket chain and largest employerSorbis/Shutterstock

Competitive pricing is one of a number of factors that determine value. What good are low prices when you can’t find what you’re looking for? Or the shelves are filthy and the cashiers, surly? That’s why, in coming up with this ranking, we turned to the results not only of the Consumer Reports 2018 survey regarding the supermarkets with the best prices but also Market Force’s 2018 survey regarding the six customer experience attributes that matter most to consumers:

  • item availability
  • ease of finding desired items
  • store cleanliness
  • checkout speed
  • cashier courteousness
  • specialty department service

1. Wegman’s

Richmond, VA/USA May 2 2018: Wegmans Grocery Store. Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain headquartered in Rochester, NY.tarheel1776/Shutterstock

We place Wegman’s first in our ranking of grocery stores offering the best value because it offers competitive pricing along with some of the highest scores on cleanliness, item availability, staff courtesy, high-quality produce, and fresh store-prepared foods. Not only did Wegman’s earn first place as America’s favorite grocery store in Market Force’s 2018 survey, but it’s also one of America’s most trusted brands, according to a 2018 Harris poll. Don’t miss these 19 tricks to spend less money on groceries.

2. Trader Joe’s

SANTA CLARITA,CA/USA - OCTOBER 31, 2015: Trader Joe's exterior and sign. Trader Joe's is an American privately held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California.Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

Although it was a tough choice, Trader Joe’s edged out Publix for the second place slot because, in addition to its cool vibe, unique and often healthy products, courteous cashiers, quick checkout, and store cleanliness, its prices are simply astounding. “It’s the prices that really draw people in,” according to Clark Howard of “Trader Joe’s sells some brand name products under its own private label at half off what you’d pay at a traditional supermarket.” Find out the things you should be buying at Trader Joe’s.

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