The Top-Rated Fitness Gear on Amazon Right Now, According to 61,775 Reviews

Amazon is a great place to find the best deals on some of your favorite fitness items, like activity trackers, at-home workout equipment, and quality athletic apparel. I personally find myself scrolling through the best-sellers list to see what other people are buying—and what might be worth adding to my own arsenal of gear and apparel.

Since it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what differentiates one reasonably priced pair of sweat-wicking leggings from another, I always read the customer reviews to get the inside scoop on the items I'm most interested in purchasing.

To help you sift through the thousands of fitness items available on Amazon, we've rounded up some of the site's top-rated gear with at least four stars and 1,000 reviews or more. Read on to discover what fitness goodies Amazon users are buying over and over again. (Bonus: Most of it costs less than $ 50.)

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