The Ultimate Guide to the Right Hostess Gifts for Every Occasion

A truly memorable kitchen piece, for staying a weekend or more


A weekend-long stay would require a $ 50 to $ 100 gift plus the same rules as staying the weekend. “The cost of a week’s grocery is what you should aim to contribute in one way or another during your stay, as well as buying some groceries without asking and offering to make a meal or two,” says Gottsman.

Consider bringing a variety of smaller gifts bundled in a large gift set, starting with an elegant pie server like this Edward’s “Pedestal.” It’s super cute, easy to clean, and surprisingly lightweight.

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Artisan baked goods, for staying a week or more

Chocolate babka pievia

Obviously a pie server is best when topped with a deliciously sweet treat, so you’ll want to bring a famous Breads Bakery Babka Pie to top it off. You’ll be a hero for doing so, and your best bet is probably to order a variety of items to stash in the freezer and thaw over the course of the week.

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Far off flavors, for staying a week or more

El Pinto Mild salsavia

Another great idea is to bring a taste of home, suggests Sharon Schweitzer, etiquette expert, frequent international traveler. If your host is from Texas originally and that’s where you are visiting from, consider bringing some local Texas BBQ sauce, a favorite Wisconsin cheese, or even a local condiments like El Pinto Mild Salsa from the iconic restaurant in New Mexico. Be sure to bring as much as possible so your host feels fully appreciated.

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