These Are the Only 10 Beauty Products You Need This Fall

Health’s beauty editor Lisa DeSantis walks you through some of the year’s best products for your face, skin, hair, and nails.

Feeling overwhelmed regarding all of the beauty products on the shelves these days? Well, you’re in luck. After reading this, your next walk down the cluttered, complicated beauty aisles will be a breeze because we’ve got an amazing cheat sheet to help you know exactly what to buy. The Health beauty team spent the last year testing (swiping, scrubbing, smearing) hundreds of the latest and greatest skin, hair, makeup, body, and nail launches, then we voted and—drum roll please—the results are in. Our 20th annual 2018 Health Magazine Beauty Awards are here! Because there are so many great products on the market, we paid special attention to innovative new ingredients, first to market technologies, and smart delivery systems when narrowing our winners. From a mascara with aero-particles (one of the lightest materials derived from space technology) so your lashes look super lush but not weighed down to single-use skincare pods with encapsulated retinol so you get the just right amount of a potent dose to equal fewer fine lines and less irritation. Pretty cool, right? We think so.

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Health’s beauty editor and resident makeup guru, Lisa DeSantis, is here to walk you through some of this year’s winners broken down into the following categories: face, body, makeup, hair, and nails. So depending what you’re in the market for (face wipes? highlighter? dry shampoo? We’ve got it all!), you can easily find exactly what you need. Beside each winner is a helpful nugget on how it works and helpful ways to use it.

We can promise you that no eyeshadow was left un-swatched, no lipstick was left un-smacked, and no mask unopened (or un-Instagrammed) in our pursuit to round up the best beauty products on the market for you to try and love as much as we do. So get shopping and treat yourself to some of our (and soon to be your) new beauty favorites.

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