These Spandex Bike Shorts Are Almost Too Cute to Sweat In

There's something about slipping on a stylish pair of spandex bike shorts that makes me feel like I can literally do anything. Hike up a mountain? Challenge accepted. Drop it low to "In My Feelings" at a friend's house party? Practically a no-brainer, since I'm down to do that all the time anyway. I'm just so in love with the stretch and comfort of these shorts and the freedom they give me that I'm really tempted to never wear my stuffy jean shorts again.

While I love wearing spandex shorts to the gym instead of leggings, you can also find me pairing mine with a sweatshirt and sneakers a la Princess Diana on any given day of the week. They're also my ideal choice to wear—with an oversized blazer and heels—when I'm looking to feel fancy at brunch but also want to be comfortable while I'm stuffing my face with delicious french toast.

Since not all bike shorts are created the same, I've picked out some of my favorites that can help you look and feel cool even while you sweat—whether it's from a workout or just because it's ridiculously hot outside.

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