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Thirsty Thursday: Frosty Blended Margarita

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There are few drinks that scream summertime quite like the classic margarita. Whether you enjoy it blended or stirred, it satisfies the need for a cold drink on a hot day. Personally, I’m more of an on-the-rocks-with-agave-nectar-and-a-glass-dipped-in-sugar kinda girl, but blended with fresh strawberries for some added flavor sounds yummy too!

While this drink is the perfect partner for a Taco Bar Tuesday (a great summer dinner idea!) it isn’t always the healthiest choice. Margaritas can often be packed to the rim with calories and sugar, particularly in restaurant concoctions—not exactly the best way to enjoy a slim summer.

WARNING: Steer clear of those pre-made sour mixes! They are major calorie-adding culprits, not to mention I’ve yet to come across one that actually tastes good.

So instead of gulping down nearly half a day’s worth of calories for just one too-sweet drink, mix up your own, and enjoy it with edamame guacamole and garlic baked pita chips.

Try the recipe: Frosty Blended Margarita

Calories: 179

Healthy add-ins to consider:
Frozen mixed berries
Splash of orange juice
A little fresh mint (half Mojito, half ‘rita = genius!)
Shaved coconut

What’s your favorite refreshing summer cocktail?

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