This Anti-Aging Eye Cream’s Popularity Rose Almost 300% in One Month

The eye cream's popularity skyrocketed thanks to a sizeable number of reviews and some well-timed discounts.

And we can see why.

Beauty trends can be spurred by an endless number of things—a celebrity endorsement, a well-timed throwback, a memorable movie scene—but sometimes they just seem to come out of thin air.

Such is the case with Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream ($ 19;, the eye cream whose popularity skyrocketed thanks to a sizeable number of reviews and some well-timed discounts. The anti-aging cream’s fanbase snowballed during July, during which the commerce platform held its annual Amazon Prime Day. Not only does Baebody’s eye cream have 3,400+ reviews (2,300+ of which are 5-star), but according audience insight tool Hitwise‘s new report, the anti-aging product saw a 300% increase in sales in July alone.

But does it work? The $ 19 cream’s ingredient list checks all of our boxes: It contains retinol (the gold star of anti-aging), skin-soothing Aloe vera, moisturizing sunflower oil, jojoba, shea butter, and antioxidants like Camellia sinensis (a type of green tea) for good measure.

Additionally, this cream can be used all over your face in addition to around the delicate eye area, which simplifies your evening routine, and the pump bottle gets our approval as the most sanitary product dispenser. As far as trends go, this newcomer to the scene seems like a good a bet as any.

Amazon Prime Day didn’t just boost beauty products–the month of July also saw some big growth in the home arena. One home goods brand in particular made 1,200% more in sales over the month.

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