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This Gorgeous Pie Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish in Each Slice

You can’t say the four food groups aren’t represented.

For most of us, making one or two tasty pumpkin pies is where the Thanksgiving baking begins—and ends. But sisters Emily and Melissa Elsen, the co-owners of a bakery in Brooklyn, wanted a challenge this year.

The duo created a pecan ThanksEverything pie to pack all kinds of Thanksgiving goodness in one crust. If you enjoy your turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes all mixed up together, this one’s for you!

This pie is nuts!

The ThanksEverthing pie is made up of eight of the main dishes and sides typically found at your Thanksgiving feast. It contains:

  • Turkey potpie with pecan crust
  • Squash, pecan, and sausage stuffing
  • Pecan cranberry sauce
  • Sweet potato casserole with bourbon pecan crumble
  • Roasted vegetables and potato mash with toasted pecans
  • Green bean casserole with sliced pecans
  • Mac and cheese with pecan breadcrumbs
  • Chocolate pecan pie

Since people love mashups (pun intended!) between sweet and savory, this unique creation should not disappoint.  Want to make a Thanksgiving classic that’s a bit more simple? Try out one of these delicious apple pie recipes that are sure to wow your friends and family.

It was an ambitious challenge

The idea for this masterpiece came from American Pecans, a group that tasked the Elsen sisters with baking a pie that used pecans in every single slice. Emily says she wasn’t sure that a pecan ThanksEverything pie could be done.

“But the more we dove into it,” she says, “the more we realized we’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile, signature ingredient to incorporate into all of the dishes.” We agree!

Find a pie before they fly the coop

This inspired dish is available on Friday, November 15, at Four & Twenty Blackbirds bakery in Brooklyn. $ 42 will buy this one-of-a-kind pie and 50% of the proceeds will benefit Community Help in Park Slope, Inc. (CHiPS), a local nonprofit soup kitchen and women’s shelter.

We love it when food brands help a good cause! While this pie isn’t exactly a staple on every American Thanksgiving table (even if we think it should be!) you can probably find this one: This is America’s favorite Thanksgiving pie.

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