This Is Halle Berry's Workout For Better Sex

Just in case you need a little more motivation to get to the gym this week.

Halle Berry posted one of her workouts recently to Instagram, and used the opportunity to casually encourage women to embrace cardiovascular exercise for better sex. Hold. The. Phone. The actress said what

While training for her role in John Wick 3: Parabellum, Berry uploaded a Boomerang to social media of she and personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas busting out some seriously impressive high knee kicks. In the post, Berry highlighted the benefits of adding cardio to your exercise routine, and we are listening.

“For me, cardio is an essential part of my work out, and I believe that my fitness regime is not complete without it,” she writes. The actress reminds us that cardio and heart health are directly related, because exercise pumps blood through the body, balancing your blood pressure and resting heart rate.

The star doesn’t stop there, though. Berry also reveals in her post that she has experienced other benefits from amping up her cardio, including improved memory, increased circulation, clearer skin, reduced fatigue, and serious calorie burn. Her “personal favorite” perk? Increased sexual arousal. Well, you’ve now officially got our attention.

Can cardio really improve your time between the sheets? Aline Zoldbrod, PhD, a Boston-based sex therapist at, previously told Health that studies do show that exercise may significantly enhance sexual arousal. The reason? Working out boosts circulation, and increased blood flow to your vagina and clitoris can create more lubrication. Zoldbrod pointed to data from the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin, where researchers found that 20 minutes of intense exercise “prepared the woman’s body for sexual arousal so that when she was in a sexual context…her body responded more intensely.” 

In addition to increased blood flow, you’ll also gain greater strength, flexibility, and stamina from cardio workouts, which can help make sex more fun for both partners, as well as allow you to explore more challenging positions so that you can reach your sweet spot during intercourse and enjoy it even more. Also good: You’re more likely to feel more sexually desirable when you take care of yourself and stay fit, which can in turn lead to better sex.

Next time you go to hit the snooze button on your alarm before an early morning workout, remember Halle Berry. Get to cardio class, because this kind of sweat session is good for your overall (wink, wink) health.

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