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This Is the State Where the Most McDonald’s Are Closing

You might have to look a little harder to find the Golden Arches in this state.

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If you’re hungry for a Big Mac, your options may be more limited than they used to be. The number of McDonald’s franchises in most states has dropped considerably over the past two years, according to 24/7 Wall St. Nationwide, the count has gone from 15,828 franchises in 2016 to 13,948 in 2018.

So, which state had the biggest decline in golden arches? Rhode Island. The smallest state in the union saw the greatest drop in the number of McDonald’s, from 44 in 2016 to 31 in 2018. That’s a decline of nearly 30 percent! Rhode Island is followed by Ohio, where the number of the franchises decreased by 25.2 percent over the same time period, from 823 to 616. Find out more facts about McDonald’s you probably didn’t know.

But why are the franchises closing? The analysts at 24/7 Wall St. note that company management has discouraged “mom and pop” franchises, and the number of customers has declined over the years.

But it’s not all bad news for one of the most successful fast-food chains in America. Five states are bucking the downsizing trend, with more McDonald’s stores now than they had two years ago. The state that had the highest growth in the number of golden arches? Hawaii, with an increase of 13.8 percent. And there’s are still plenty of places around to get a Happy Meal. California has the highest number of McDonald’s in the country, with 1,295 restaurants.

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