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This Was Amazon’s Most-Purchased Kitchen Item in 2018

Every kitchen needs this piece of cookware.

In the past few years, Amazon has become our go-to spot for buying, well, pretty much everything. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a baking necessity, Amazon probably has it. And as familiar as I am with my shopping habits, I’m always curious to know what other people are ordering.

The best of Prime

In a recent press release, Amazon divulged its “Best of Prime” list that details Amazon Prime Members’ most-watched videos, most-listened-to songs, most-read books and more. It also included the Top Products in a number of categories, including Electronics, Home Decor, and Cookware. These are the best money-saving products from Amazon’s store brand.

The top kitchen item on Amazon in 2018

In the cookware category, the top item really surprised us. After all, grandma’s been using one for years to whip up delicious desserts and hearty casseroles. Though it’s by no means the most beautiful piece of cookware on the market, it is one of the most long-lasting, price-conscious and versatile pieces available.

We’re talking, of course, about the humble cast iron skillet. A 10.25-inch, pre-seasoned beauty from Lodge took home this year’s top honors. Other top items were a 5-Quart Saute Pan from T-fal and a set of Calphalon nonstick pans.

Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan for Stovetop of Oven Usevia

Cooking with cast iron

If you’re one of the Prime members who ordered a Lodge skillet, there are a few things you should know, especially if you’ve never owned a cast-iron pan before:

Avoid burns

Cast iron gets HOT. Every part of the pan heats up, which is why they’re such great tools for searing steak or baking casseroles. However, this ability requires a little extra caution on the cook’s part. You may be used to picking up a skillet’s handle, but you can’t do that with cast iron. For best results, invest in a set of handle covers. These are 9 other must-have cast iron accessories you’ll love.

Don’t worry about a little rust

If you’ve forgotten about your cast-iron skillet and it’s developed a little rust, don’t panic. It’s a natural process that’s pretty easy to fix. That being said, the best way to keep your cast iron looking new is to use it! Frying and sautéing help to protect the skillet’s seasoning. Here’s the easy way to restore a rusted cast-iron skillet.

Clean it correctly

If there’s one downside to cast iron, this is it. It needs to be cleaned immediately after cooking. While the pan is still warm, rinse it in warm water and sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the bottom. Gently scrub with a nylon brush. Rinse clean and thoroughly dry the skillet with a towel. Then, while the pan is still warm, apply a thin coating of vegetable oil to all surfaces. This will help keep the pan’s seasoning intact. Next, check out these 25 other kitchen gadgets you’ll wish you had years ago.

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