Tired of doctors gaslighting when it comes to women’s health

Hi all. I’m 28(f) and becoming EXTREMELY frustrated with the healthcare system not taking women’s pain seriously. I’ve had horrible pain on the left side of my pelvis/ hip for 3 months now. Anytime I do anything, it feels like my lower abdomen is tearing and I get a stabbing pain that makes me feel nauseous. I’ve been to 4 different doctors now with absolutely no answers. I had a doctor tell me the pain is made up in my head, I had a doctor tell me that I probably “have an STD” (im married, and my pap came back completely normal), I had another doctor tell me I just pulled a muscle (I’ve been an athlete my entire life, I know what a pulled muscle feels like and it doesn’t take 3 months to recover), and my most recent doctor laughed when i suggested a possible sports hernia because mostly men play sports so they’re the ones that get sports hernias (excuse me?!). It really feels like women are automatically accused of having an STD when they have pelvic or hip pain, or told our pain isn’t real. And why is it that we have to go to several doctors just to get a diagnoses because it seems as if doctors don’t want to take the time with us? I’m also extremely frustrated with some doctors because it feels like they’ll only take you seriously if you’re a woman and pregnant, or if you’re bleeding out about to die. I’m SO tired of living in pain with no answers!

Anyone else running into the same issues with doctors?

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