TMI::: help, i am one to panic about what’s happening in my body…

so i just had my period like early last week, and two days ago maybe three i started noticing some like browinish discharge kind of had a hint of pink when i wipe. it’s not constant it’s almost as much as i would discharge before i would get my period. i’ve also noticed that i’ve been bloating hard after i eat and just overall kinda feel poopy in the tummy slash lower abdomin area. nothing necessarily HURTS, but i am definitely uncomfortable. i feel as though i’ve had to pee more often these past two days as well, when i do it doesn’t burn and i wouldn’t say there is an abnormal color or smell honestly. doesn’t sting nothing, just feels weird to me. ive only ever had one sexual partner and i’d say another one that was simply orally involved. anyways i’ve got an appointment for a pad meet for july 18th (that was the soonest i could get in unfortunatley) i plan on also going to a doctor to get my urine tested aswell as my blood done. i was just hoping for some opinions maybe some similar experiences to ease my mind :))

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