Twitter Users Give Trump’s Tulsa Rally Another Name: ‘Coronapalooza’

President Donald Trump hasn’t given the rally scheduled for Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a special name, but, thankfully, Twitter users have stepped in to fill the void.

As of Friday, the hashtag #coronapalooza was a trending term.

It’s quite appropriate, since many medical experts fear the rally could cause a spike in COVID-19 cases. The event will be held in a 19,000-seat indoor arena at a time when Oklahoma has seen a recent increase in coronavirus infections.

Still, many Twitter users found the #coronapalooza hashtag useful for some sick burns at the president’s expense.

CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta said the rally could expose attendees to superspreaders who are already sick and will disproportionately spread infection. But the Trump campaign’s only attempt to mitigate the threat is to give people the option of wearing masks. They also have to sign a waiver not to sue the campaign if they catch the disease.

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