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Upgrade Your Post-Workout Smoothie With This Chris Hemsworth-Approved Recipe

When you’re training frequently, having a good-quality post-workout smoothie recipe in your back pocket is a must. This go-to drink needs to be not only something to replenish your body after you’re put it through the mill, but also something you actually look forward to, so you can distract yourself by thinking about the reward to come during those tough final sets.

This recipe will satisfy on both counts. It contains the protein required to rebuild your aching muscles, along with a variety of vitamins and minerals from a range of fruit and veg. And it definitely ticks the tasty box.

It’s the kind of recipe you can imagine an A-lister using – and wouldn’t you know it, this green smoothie has been created by chef Sergio Perera, who sorts out meals for Chris Hemsworth when the Aussie actor is preparing for a film.

Perera is one of the experts behind Hemsworth’s fitness platform Centr, which aims to overhaul your entire health and fitness regime through training, nutrition and mindfulness advice. If you’re a huge fan of the below recipe, check out our review of the Centr app.

Ingredients (one serving)

1 cup (250ml) coconut water
½ banana
3tbsp protein powder
1 Granny Smith apple, cored
1 celery stalk
¼ avocado
⅔ cup (about 20g) baby spinach leaves
Juice of ½ lime
4-6 ice cubes


1. Chuck everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Enjoy!

Sergio Perera is a featured expert on Chris Hemsworth’s Centr, available from the App Store or online at

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