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VAHA Is The First To Launch A Smart Fitness Mirror In The UK

Fitness mirrors have arrived in the UK. These devices, which stream live and on-demand workouts on a digital mirror, are well established in the US and to a lesser extent elsewhere in Europe.

The UK has had to watch this trend develop from the sidelines, but now German-based fitness brand VAHA is bringing the smart mirror party to these shores. VAHA X is an elegant full-length mirror that doubles as a virtual personal trainer at the tap of its 43in (109cm) HD touchscreen.

Made of steel, brushed aluminium and glass, the 45kg, 170cm x 62cm free-standing device houses a high-resolution display, camera, speaker and microphone, which enables two-way communication between you and a VAHA PT.

The VAHA Starter Box includes a heart rate monitor and resistance bands, and with the rolling monthly subscription you can access live group classes and over 200 on-demand workouts, including strength, cardio, yoga, Pilates, barre and guided meditation.

Motion tracking is also in development (due in May), which will analyse your movements to help you correct your form, make the most of every rep and reduce the risk of injury.

The mirror is also compatible with several third-party apps, such as TikTok and Zoom. Just be careful not to mix up the two and broadcast your Kangsta Wok* to the boardroom.

At £1,950 – or 39 monthly installments of £50 – it’s a sizable investment, as is the £200 delivery fee (which includes unpacking and placement in your home). For comparison, the prices for VAHA’s US rivals range from £1,088 ($1,495) for Mirror up to £2,180 ($2,995) for Tonal.

The hardware isn’t the only outlay either. VAHA’s basic membership costs £39 a month (Mirror’s monthly subscription is £28 and Tonal’s £36). A minimum 12-month commitment is also required, but this does include a free PT session in your first month.

Expensive, but par for the course for connected cardio machines – the Peloton connected bike and its ilk have found success in the same price range. The original Peloton costs £1,750, with a monthly app subscription of £39.

VAHA’s goal is to reach 10,000 users by the end of 2021. Currently they number in the thousands, founder Valerie Bures told Coach. With a more affordable and compact VAHA S model (£1,150) also launching exclusively in the UK this month, Bures believes smart mirrors could become part of the furniture before too long.

We’re putting the VAHA X smart mirror to the test now, so watch this space for our in-depth review.

Buy from VAHA | From £1,950

(*It’s a TikTok dance, we Googled it.)