What I Wish I’d Known Before Getting a Divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce is never an easy one. While these men and women don’t regret ending their marriages, these are the valuable lessons they learned.

Treat it like a business deal

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“Take your heart out of the process, says Karen L. “Remember, your lawyer is not your friend; he is your legal counsel. Period.” Check out 15 things this divorce lawyer wants all married people to know.

Try to have a good relationship with your ex

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“Keep in mind that your kids are not involved in the demise of the relationship, they are always the mother and fathers’ children no matter what,” says Stephanie M. “Keeping the children out of the parents’ relationship is an effort that needs to be both parents’ priority. This is something that should be addressed before the children are told about the change that’s about to happen in their lives.” Here are the best ways to break the news gently to your kids.

Your actions will impact your children

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“I wish I had known how much my resentments and the hurts that I had not dealt with and let go of impacted my daughter’s life after the divorce,” says Phil R. “Life was, and sometimes is still, hard but we have all grown through the pain,” says Phil R. If you’re looking to let go of resentment, follow these 12 proven steps to truly forgive anyone for anything.

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