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What Your Kitchen Table Says About You

If your kitchen table has five plates of completely different food on it starting to cool …

Homemade chicken nuggets battered with panko and French fries views from above on white background. American foodEduardo Lopez/Shutterstock

There are tiny humans in your house. They are all bottomless pits but require very specific meals due to their discerning natures, much like seasoned food critics. You, being the dutiful cook you are, entertain these requests partly because you’re a people pleaser and partly because you just don’t want to endure incessant whining about how “carrots are yuck.” You aim to make those in your life happy—young and old alike. Your favorite food also says a lot about your personality.

Tell me more.

A photo of chocolate chips cookies, shot from above on a white marble background, with a place for textPlateresca/Shutterstock

You never forget a birthday, you like to send cards “just because” and you introduce yourself with the words, “Sorry, I’m a hugger!” You’re famous for a specific cookie recipe and often drop them off on the doorstep—in a decorative basket of course—of anyone who’s had a rough day. The reward for your endless thoughtfulness? Just the self-satisfaction that you’re helping make the world a happier place. Well, that and a fridge covered in crayoned love notes. For a cleaner look, remember these pointers for organizing your fridge.

If your kitchen table is glass…

glass dining table with table set in modern dining room interior design conceptAll About Space/Shutterstock

You’re a daredevil. You aren’t afraid of fingerprints, watermarks or snakes. You have an unregulated zipline through your backyard. You wear white pants while making homemade marinara. Aprons are for wimps. You believe life is a risk or nothing at all and you’re thinking of getting that tattooed somewhere—is the lower back acceptable again? Speaking of glass, this is how to clean your glass oven door.

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