Whelp, I think my vagina started leaking bleach.

Really though, I’m on my period when earlier I felt my tampon starting to slip out. When I got home I went to go change it and it was SOAKED when I took it out to the point that it was sliding out but it wasn’t just blood, it was almost like it had been soaked in water.

I then noticed that my underwear were wet as hell, but I hadn’t randomly peed myself without realizing it. It was clear as far as I could see, but when I smelt it (as one normally does) it REAKED OF STRAIGHT BLEACH. I am 95% sure this came from my vagina as it soaked the tampon, isn’t yellow, doesn’t smell like pee, and I think I’d known if I’d pissed myself.

My internet search results ended up basically being “pregnant” (on my period and BC… so no), and “weird ammonia-y pee” (again I didn’t pee myself and this wasn’t a faint smell… it was like huffing straight bleach). I’ve never experienced this… I’m STI free and there’s no sign of infection or anything… it’s so bizarre!!

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