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Which Famous Food Was Invented in Your State?

From sea to shining sea, American states have invented a huge variety of foods. From fast foods enjoyed around the world to legendary local cuisine, we’ve rounded up the most famous food from every state.

Alabama — White barbecue sauce

Grilled chicken breast and vegetablesJacek Chabraszewski/Shutterstock

Barbecue culture is rich in the South, and debates about the exact origins of those savory, saucy meats can stretch into the night. But one thing’s for certain, Alabaman Robert “Big Bob” Gibson created the iconic white barbecue sauce featuring mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar. First brewed in 1925, it’s still gracing Alabama dinner tables today. Find out what Alabama and every other state is best—and worst—at.

Alaska — Muktuk

Whale fat drying in the sun in the Indonesian whaling village LamaleraSergeUWPhoto/Shutterstock

Whale may not be the first thing we think of when we think of sushi, but for the native Inuits of Alaska, muktuk—bite-sized cubes of whale skin and blubber, often served raw—has been an integral part of the diet for centuries. For beginners, muktuk is also delicious deep-fried.

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