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    Yesoul, as a professional manufacturer of treadmills, has cooperated with many gym owners and people who are fond of fitness. Yesoul, as a professional manufacturer of treadmills, has cooperated with many gym owners and people who are fond of fitness.


Our products are made with the best quality parts and materials, so you can enjoy using them for years. We offer a wide range of services to help you choose the right treadmill for your home or business. Therefore, we are clear about our customers’ most actual needs. We have offered them an excellent range of products at competitive prices. The quality of our products is unmatched by other brands in the market. Our customers are happy because they know that their trust is placed in us. We have always been there for them when they need us most. Yesoul treadmill is of excellent quality and superior design, which has been sold to some overseas markets. If you want to find a reliable treadmill manufacturer, Yesoul will be your best partner! If you want to purchase Yesoul treadmill, you can contact us for more detailed information at any time you like.

In the previous blog, we introduced the operation principle of the first generation of the mechanical treadmill and other contents. Mechanical treadmill belongs to sports products in the 1990s, which is the earlier generation of the treadmill. With the renewal of the treadmill, it is gradually replaced by an electric treadmill, and now it is basically impossible to find it in the market. Today, we will continue to introduce you to the second generation of the analog motorized treadmill, so that you can be more familiar with the history of the development of treadmill.

The second generation of the treadmill

First of all, the second generation of electric treadmill relies on the motor to drive the running belt to run, through the governor to control the motor speed to achieve the adjustment of the speed change when running, the governor control, that is, the sensor signal processing, and then count, you can get the speed. Motorized treadmill is a combination of active and passive exercise, running on the motorized treadmill can help people save a leg extension action. The advantage of this is that everyone will feel very relaxed and happy when running on the motorized treadmill.

The function and effect of motorized treadmill

A motorized treadmill drives the running belt through the motor and then makes people run or walk passively at different speeds, which can make the process of running more comfortable. In addition, it can also avoid the impact of outdoor sports on the body of the sportsman due to unfavorable factors such as weather and environment, and reduce the possibility of sports injury. People running or walking on the motorized treadmill is a whole-body exercise, because its movement is almost no stirring action, compared with exercise on land, can reduce the intensity of exercise, improve the amount of exercise, for improving the user’s cardiorespiratory function, muscle endurance and fat burning have a better effect. Under the same exercise intensity, the motorized treadmill can burn 40% more calories per hour than other common aerobic exercise equipment. A motorized treadmill through the integrated electronic equipment and control system can also easily record the exercise distance, time spent, calories burned and other exercise data of the exerciser. Its heart rate test function can accurately display the current heart rate of the exerciser, more scientific and safe exercise. Therefore, the motorized treadmill is a kind of high-tech product with various technologies such as exercise physiology, ergonomics, precision mechatronics, etc. Running or walking on the motorized treadmill is one of the best aerobic exercise methods.

Development Trends

The development and birth of the motorized treadmill are based on the mechanical treadmill, and it can also be said that it becomes the upgraded version of the mechanical treadmill. In the early days of exercise, people used to walk or run on foot. It was hard to do this, especially in winter because it was cold outside. Then, they began using a device called a “motorized treadmill” which is basically a motor with wheels attached to it. The motor would propel them forward or backward at their own pace and intensity level. In the future, the development of motorized treadmills will definitely develop in the direction of technology, humanization, and specialization.

In a word, the advantages of the analog motorized treadmill are that it is more convenient for people to exercise through the control of a computer program. The disadvantage is that, in order to achieve the purpose of safety and comfort, the running belt is getting wider and longer, and the floor space will be bigger than that of the mechanical treadmill, therefore, it is suggested that in the case of the same floor space size, you can choose the treadmill with a wide running belt. In addition, because the motorized treadmill transports and receives the working signal of the motor through sense, it’s working with time, temperature, signal strength, and other factors that may cause the motor to be unstable.


Yesoul has been in the fitness industry for years, and we’ve worked with gym owners and people who love fitness. We have worked in the field of the treadmill for many years, so we are actually familiar with the history of the development of the treadmill. By knowing more about the treadmill, you will probably be interested in such a field.

In order to meet the demand of users who want more options for their workouts, we developed our product which is called as Yesoul treadmill. This product is able to provide you with more options when you are exercising on it because:

1) You can adjust the speed according to your needs so that you can get that extra boost in your workout;

2) You can adjust its incline according to your needs so that it will help you achieve those difficult goals;

3) You can choose between different types of treadmills depending on what type of workout you want.

 We’re here to help you find the best treadmill for your home or business, whether you want a treadmill for walking, jogging, or running on flat ground!

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