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You Want To Become A Bio-Synergy Ambassador – Trust Us

“Effective and high-quality.” “A wide range of quality supplements.” “All the benefits and none of the added sugars and other nasties.” “Head and shoulders above what else is out there on the market.” “The best in the business.” That’s just a sample of what Bio-Synergy’s 40-odd ambassadors had to say about the UK’s top independent sports nutrition company. The ambassadors are a diverse group of high achievers, but they’re all united by that love of Bio-Synergy products – and not because they’re paid to say that.

Don’t believe us? “Ambassadors don’t get paid. You do it because you want to do it and because you believe in the product.” That’s Mike McGurn, one of rugby’s pre-eminent strength and conditioning coaches. He began using Bio-Synergy long before he became an ambassador, when he was working with St Helens. He introduced Bio-Synergy supplements during the club’s triumphant 2000-01 season when they won the Challenge Cup and World Club Challenge, going on to take the Super League title in 2002. “A lot of people remarked that we were bigger, stronger, faster than other teams in the league,” says McGurn.

The supplements aren’t just for the absolute units of the Super League– there’s something for everyone. Ambassador Dida Alsaffar is a PT to a clutch of YouTube stars including KSI, who is training for a boxing match against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul. KSI has been using Bio-Synergy’s protein and BCAA supplements, and Alsaffar tells us that another YouTuber he’s been working with, Josh “Zerkaa” Zerker, has dropped 11kg in six weeks, thanks in part to using Bio-Synergy products.

Maeve Foley (pictured, below), an actress and a professional dancer with the London Cheerleaders, is also an ambassador and a big fan of nutrition range dedicated to women. “I love these products because they are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients,” she says. “They help boost both lean muscle development and weight management, which is ideal for my career.”

The first time Matt Newman, a police officer and physique competitor, came across Bio-Synergy he was immediately impressed. “The main thing that struck me was the ratios of macros. The Whey Better is 92% protein per serving, very little fat and no carbs.” Newman now relies on Bio-Synergy supplements to help him stay on top of his nutrition when life threatens to get on top of him. “Even if I’m running around on shift, commuting to London, being a dad [Newman’s third child was due when we spoke], going to the gym… if I have two or three protein shakes and BCAAs in my two-litre water bottle throughout the day, I know my nutrition isn’t going to suffer as a result of that schedule.”

Bio-Synergy is also there to support elite athletes in more ways than you might expect. Take the case of Tony Mills, a player for the England amputee football team turned Paralympic long jumper, who’s now returned to football as captain of Arsenal. Mills has even earned a seat on the plane to the Amputee Football World Cup in Mexico this October – and it was Bio-Synergy who covered the cost. “The England Amputee Football Association is a charitable organisation, it’s not funded by the FA,” explains Mills. “The organisation asks every player to raise a certain amount of money. I had to find £1,500 quickly because I’d been drafted into the set-up quite recently! Bio-Synergy helped to get me on that plane and I’d be lost without that. I can’t thank them enough.”

It was a similar story with Jake Barton, who became an ambassador while a successful Thai boxer and kickboxer with WBC muay Thai and ISKA Intercontinental K1 titles to his name. But he then made the decision to switch professional boxing and Bio-Synergy stood by him, sponsoring him throughout a 12-month transition. Even without this support, Barton wouldn’t switch brands. “The quality is much better than some of the other stuff you can get which is packed full of sugar,” he says. “For me, in a weight-restricted sport and having to make weight, that’s vital.”

Barton also finds it reassuring that, as someone who’s subject to drug tests, he can rely on Bio-Synergy – just like ambassador Phoebe Schecter, captain of Great Britain’s American football team and the England Kabaddi team. “I love that Bio-Synergy products are all UK-based,” Schecter says. “Plus they have been tested by LGC Science, so it alleviates that stress when it comes to competitions.”

Whoever you are, if your body plays a part in your passion and you want to put only the best in it, you should turn to Bio-Synergy. And if you want to start working closely with an innovative and ethical brand that’s all about quality, contact about the ambassador programme.

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